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General Information
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General Information

Within the Library, students will find a wide variety of resources. We have an ever growing selection of fiction, consisting of both classic works, graphic novels and the latest best sellers. We welcome students to browse our collection, relax, and enjoy the quiet reading area. Fiction books can be borrowed for three weeks at a time, and magazines for a week.
For those students needing to do research, we offer several different options. We have an all encompassing non-fiction section, kept up-to-date with today’s pressing topics and modern concerns. Items can be borrowed for three weeks at a time. A wide variety of reference resources are also available, including several different sets of encyclopedias, yearbooks, almanacs, and atlases.

Our computer lab is open to all students, as long as the computers are being used for research or project completion. Printing is available from all computers, although students are asked to keep pages to a reasonable number.
But it’s not just books and computers that one will find within the Library. Our facilities serve as a visual reminder of the history of E.S.S. The walls are covered with the pictures of graduating classes of former years, and the art work of current and former students.                       
The following items can be purchased at the Library.

Bristol Board (multiple colour choices) - 50¢
Pens (Black, Red, Blue) - 25¢
Pencils - 25¢
Duo Tang - 50¢

Overdue Books

Fiction and non-fiction books can be borrowed for three weeks at a time, with the option to renew. After the three week period, the item is declared 'overdue'. Students with overdue items will be unable to sign out books until their records have been cleared.

Lost books must be replaced at full cost, as determined by Library staff.

Library Rules

Rules are set with the intention of keeping the area as useful and as pleasant as possible for the optimum utilization of space and materials for the maximum number of students.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the library (water is acceptable).
  • Students may work corroboratively at desks or computers if they are working on projects, so long as they are not disturbing others who wish to read and write quietly. If students wish to socialize, this should be done in the cafeteria.
  • Students are welcome to use the computers in their spare periods if the computers have not been signed out for use by a class. As with other high schools in the Board, computer use in the library is for curricular pursuits. Playing games, the use of chat lines, or social media is not allowed.
  • Loan period for books is three weeks. Books that are lost or damaged must be replaced by the student in whose name they are signed out.
  • During the exam period, the Library is a place for quiet study only, and computer use is reserved for those finishing assignments.

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