Student Services

Every secondary school has a Student Services, or Guidance, Department. Students and parents/guardians can contact members of the department to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • course selection process (timetabling concerns and levels of study);

  • transition planning;

  • unique learning needs (such as Individualized Education Plans, or IEPs);

  • planning for post-secondary options;

  • graduation requirements;

  • co-operative education options;

  • information on expanded opportunities in Limestone; and

  • personal counselling.

Student Services Staff

Brenda McGihon                    Student Services Office Administrator, ext. 308


Erin Stinson                           Head of Student Services, ext. 310

Colette Wales                          Guidance Teacher, ext. 309


Melissa Brooks                          Lead Student Success Teacher, ext. 312

Melissa Burke                           Learning Program Support, ext. 325


Doug Vander Horden                 Adolescent Care Worker, ext. 329


Mike Zanibbi                            Cooperative Education Teacher, ext. 311