Moving Between In-School & Virtual Learning

Moving Between In-School & Virtual Learning for Block 5
Posted on 01/21/2021

A reminder for families wishing for their child to switch from remote learning to in-school learning or from in-school learning to remote learning for Block 5 must put in a request to Ms. English by Monday, January 25th.  All requests must be sent to Ms. English through email at [email protected]  If the current learning model for your child is to stay the same for Block 5, no action is required. 



Please remember that all requests are subject to availability and if your child is returning to in-school learning, they will have to reapply for bussing.  As well, changing from one delivery model to another will result in the change affecting every remaining block.  For example, if you change to virtual school effective Block 5, your in-school timetable for Blocks 6, 7, and 8 will be deleted.  The same will happen if you change from virtual school to in-school.  If you need clarification or more information, please consult with Ms. English. The deadline dates for changes for the sixth block should be shared shortly.