Teacher Contact Information

Teacher Contact Information
Posted on 04/01/2020
Please see the list below of teachers and their email addresses, to facilitate remote learning while the school is closed.

Ms. Ash
Ms. Baker
Mme Blackett
Ms. Brooks
Ms. Burke
Mr. Campbell
Ms. Cond Flower
Ms. Ellis
Ms. English
Mr. Fisher
Ms. Keech
Ms. Kehl
Ms. Kiley
Ms. Lawlor
Mr. McLeod
Ms. Morley
Mr. Morrow
Ms. Nooyen
Ms. Orr
Mr. Papanicolaou
Ms. Parent
Mr. Pinkerton
Ms. Salmond
Ms. Sousa-Dias
Mr. Stiff
Ms. Stinson
D. van der Horden
Ms. Wales
Ms. Wand
Mr. Williams
Ms. Wilson
Mr. Zanibbi