Ministry Online Learning Requirements Q & A

Online Learning Requirements Q & A
Posted on 03/07/2022
Online Learning 


Q:  My child is in Grade 10.  Do they need to complete two online courses in the next two years?  

A:  Current Grade 10 students (2021-2022) may only need one online course to meet the graduation requirement. In recognition of school closures last year, Grade 9 students in the 2020-21 school year may count one Grade 9 course towards the new graduation requirement.

Q:  Can my child “opt out” of the mandatory online learning graduation requirement

A:  Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to determine whether online learning is appropriate and beneficial for their child.  Parents who determine they want to opt their child out of the mandatory online learning credits will have the option to complete the opt out form during the students graduating year. Parents can obtain the form from their child's guidance counselor.

Q:  How will my child choose an e-learning course?

A:  E-learning course options will be provided during the course selection process which typically happens in February.  All courses being offered will run if there is sufficient student interest and enrollment. As with all courses, students may be waitlisted in a course, and may not get their first choice of e-learning course.  

Q:  How will my grade 9 child fulfill this mandatory e-learning graduation requirement?

A:  Students can fulfill this requirement in a number of ways.  They can take e-learning courses during grade 11 and 12 through their school or board, complete summer school courses, or take co-operative education during the summer.  

Q:  My child is in Grade 11 this year (2021-2022).  Do they have the complete online courses to graduate?

A:  No. Current Grade 10 students are the first cohort of students with the new mandatory online learning requirement.